The Speaker

 Randall E. Toby, a Brooklyn, New York native, was born to a single mother whose life was riddled with problematic situations from his early childhood. Randall was exposed to various challenges that taught him the value of hard work, how to overcome obstacles and fully embrace life with substance. From the onset, Randall was not exposed to the true teachings of manhood that later challenged him to explore his identity as a man. In addition to the absence of his father, he witnessed the tragic effects of his mentally ill mother who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, experienced the sympathetic drawbacks of poverty and the uneasiness of an unstable lifestyle in his home.  At the tender age of 9 years old, his family ultimately became homeless.  That’s when Randall’s life took a powerful turn.


Through the upbringing of his grandmother, he was filled with the desire to fight through adversity, reach towards his destiny and remind himself to remain rich of character.  Often Randall speaks of, “Being homeless was one of the best things that happened to me.  It made me stronger and prepared me to handle more than the average person could bear”. Today, he strongly believes, “One of the greatest things you can do, is to bring out the best in someone else”. His high energy message is genuine, relevant and encouraging.  “Let your situation, be your motivation” is his creed and reminds us all that each of us is responsible to consistently work toward overcoming our fears (both real and imagined) to reach our goals.


His presentations are tailored for each individual audience and his message is of one encompassing defeating obstacles and making the right, sound and credible choices in and for your life.  He reminds us that life comes with a little pain. But, we all must turn our trials into open doors that can be embraced each day to the fullest…

“God blesses each of us with a gift…what are you doing with yours?”